51 Today!!!

Yes, it’s THAT day of the year again. Doesn’t seem like two minutes since I turned…
Never mind, young in heart, spirit, body and soul eh? That’s what really COUNTS!!!
This card sort of captures the essence of it all…
I´ve put Abe’s quote on here before, but it’s the picture that makes it – thanks mum…
So we’ve booked a meal at the “Bull’s Head” in Repton with friends tonight. We’ve been there before, and I’d recommend it to anyone. (Ladies put your best frock on because it’s a bit posh). I only booked it yesterday and the restaurant was full.
But not to worry, they have an “overflow marquee” outside for us plebs. It’s even got a carpet and central heating – honest…! {Blimey we’ve been to a fair few posh restaurants recently} But what the heck, we’re all only here once…
So thanks to all my family and friends for the presy’s and cards, and,
CHEERS! Red roseBirthday cakeGift with a bowMartini glass 

5 thoughts on “51 Today!!!

  1. Hey – your a mere babe!!!! Very happy birthday to you. Hope the sun is shining on you…..best wishes from wet thundery Hertfordshire. xA


  2. Happy Birthday, I dreaded being 40 but actually looked forward to being 50 and a “Saga Lout” LOL. It's my intention to grow old disgracefully, any fully enjoy it, sounds like you plan to do the same.


  3. Hi folks,

    Thanks very much, had a great night. Came back to TT after the meal, Chris & Sarah next door were still here at 1.30am!! Good job they only have to walk 10 yards or so home lol.



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