Well that’s put the tin hat on things

Five days after the fiasco with the chimney pot, it finally gets a hat and a seal round it’s bottom.. In human terms that would be the equivalent of a trilby and a bung. The trilby looks smart and the bung just smarts. (Guessing of course).
Very suave…
We all came back to TT after the birthday meal last night, what a laugh, it was 1.30am when our friends eventually staggered the 10 yards back home. So I’m brain dead today, the only one out of the four of us who’s got a flippin’ hangover. None of us drink a lot, but we went overboard DID last night, so why am I the only zombie then? I mean it can’t possibly be an age thing can it? No definitely not. Besides I’m the youngest one of us, nah nah.
At this point it would be nice to discuss the virtues of the secrets to eternal youth. But not at the moment because I feel like I’m about 94…

2 thoughts on “Well that’s put the tin hat on things

  1. Heth,

    When you get to 94 you have achieved eternal youth – nothing to discuss – so congratulations!


  2. Thanks Graham,

    I'll invite you to the centenery! (If I get there), come to think of it if any of us do??

    Oh, & you'd have to bring me a present – a rowing machine or an exercise bike would do nicely.

    Happy Christmas,


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