A curious collage of summery scenes

I think I might be on the verge of being getting that SAD thing (Seasonal Affective Disorder). In August?? Stick an “E” in front of it and it becomes Enforced.
It’s probably because besides being fed up with another crap summer, and still no bow thruster so we´re marooned. Even more depressing is that we’ve recently returned from an average 30 – 36 degrees in Germany. For the past couple of days I’ve been organising sunny photos from there on a grand scale. Only then did it dawn on me just how many of them have glorious sunshine in the picture. 
Here’s a teensy tiny selection of sunny needles of mine from here in the UK. Surprisingly none of these were taken while we´ve been at Mercia, they´re all from our old stomping ground on the Rufford canal up north. Living on a boat hasn´t quite been the same since we left there…
Canal-side scenes sewn together from the past couple of years…
023 - Copy (3)
018 - Copy (6)
Sollom Fav Spot (488)
035 - Copy
009 - Copy
008 - Copy (3)
071 - Copy
013 - Copy (4)
023 - Copy
019 - Copy
Rufford Groovy Sunsets (91)
Rufford Day Sky (4)
006 - Copy (3)
Sollom Fav Spot (160)
Makes you go all warm and fuzzy doesn’t it? But looking at gorgeous photos isn’t enough. We’re seriously thinking about taking off and going somewhere HOT this winter. Research on-going…

2 thoughts on “A curious collage of summery scenes

  1. Ha! So your abandoning Blighty for warmer climbs.

    It's India for us, with cheapo flights into Goa and then we set off from there. This will be the 11th trip to India. Nov – Feb being the best time. Before it's too wet, after much too hot!


  2. Yep, had enough of “global warming” here (HA!)

    Give us drought any day, some peeps would prattle on about crops being ruined & waterways un-navigable. Turns out it's been like that anyway!

    We get lucky with the lux con, it's 30 degrees in here at the mo, because the sun's out – still cold outside though.

    Haven't decided where to go yet, got to find somewhere that's warm in winter, hasn't got a war going on, has a “reasonably stable” economy, no hurricane's & no wild fires. Sorta narrows it down a lot…

    The irony is, it makes it more difficult to decide..!



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