A faulty indicator story morphs into mooring fees

First of all the indicator; not the left or right kind, I mean the empty or full kind. Any guesses hmm???
Ok, well it’s another poo tank topic to make the conversation “flow” as it were. We know we’re almost due for a trip to the Pump Out Palace. It’s been over 6 weeks since the last “extraction” which is about right seeing as we weren’t here for 10 days.
Besides, the trusty indicator told us the truth – till today when I noticed that it had suddenly gone back to zero. Then it started flickering up and down like it was possessed, I told it to make it’s mind up, but it didn’t listen.
Then I thought about the future. How could we exist without knowing if the cup is about to flow over? Would it be a case of take a guess (on a wing and a prayer) from now on? Or could we do the “oh it’s THAT time of the month” thing? Write it in the diary: “DUE SH*T” and hope it’s regular…
On a more pleasant note, we had such a good laugh with our friends last night, it was 2am when they trudged all the way home next door. Anyway, they set off on their epic voyage around mid-day today, and we gave them some biscuits to keep them going. No toilet reference intended.
Meantime for us it’s been “pay your mooring fees” day, which isn’t too bad because it’s a lot less here at Mercia than at Rufford. It’s made me wonder though:
We’d never go back to being based on a branch canal, it was just as beautiful as here in a rural sense, but wasn’t worth £4000 a year in mooring fees. Sod the boat’s water “footprint,” mooring fees for a widebeam cost exactly twice that of a narrowboat there.
Some people might say that’s fair because it takes up 2 spaces, and it made sense to us at the time. We accepted that, so it wasn’t an issue.
It was only when we did our research we discovered that some other marinas charge only for the amount of water your boat floats on, plus a bit extra for a widebeam. Which is very fair considering what we were used to. At Rufford we “owned” the gap at the side of us, but you couldn’t do much with it, planting a flower garden wasn’t an option either…
I’ll never forget one day two gongoozlers went sauntering past on the little hill behind us and I heard:
“Oh look at that one Bill, it’s wider than the others, well that’s not fair is it? There’s no way you’d get another boat in that gap”    
I thought to myself hang on a minute luv – we pay for that “gap,” and was very tempted to say it out loud, but somehow managed to restrain myself. It’s amazing what you hear when sat out back in a lux con…!

3 thoughts on “A faulty indicator story morphs into mooring fees

  1. Hi,just added you to my circle…. we are considering Rufford and the neighbour, plus Adlington for a mooring…can you shed any light on your previous mooring experiences.. we intend to be around the Lancaster/Leeds Liverpool area as I will still be working 2 days per week…. thank you 🙂


  2. Hi Sofia,

    Well this is based on experience. And oddly enough the marina that made us pay the same as two narrowboats had no facilities except a café and pumpout. Compare that to to Mercia marina where we pay for square footage (£1000 less per annum) and there's a myriad of facilities, shops, Midland Chandlers and a new shopping mall being built with restaurant. Check it out online.
    This is an old blog post (but true and we keep in touch with our friends at Rufford) who by the way are all moving to other marina's because.

    However, it makes no odds to us anymore, we're currently at our house in Spain. The boat is up for sale. We'll always love TT but have had enough of crowded UK, and the crap weather.

    Spain is our home now, and we've got an offer pending, subject to survey on the boat.

    Like I said this blog post was based on both experience and comparison to two marina's that couldn't be further apart in the grand scheme of things.

    The first for 4 years and Mercia for 3. The boating lifestyle is wonderful, but we've found a better one and are lucky enough and have the means to make it happen.

    Read more recent posts if you like, everything I've stated here (about two different marinas is true).

    Other marinas aren't mentioned on here simply because it was a comparison about how different things can be (for us). And how it's possible to pay less for a widebeam on a well managed marina with many more facilities.



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