A walk down the towpath and an unplanned catch up

We were supposed to have set off much earlier than we did. But thanks to me faffing about, and a crazy half our of things not going to plan. (Nothing new). We ended up setting off at this time…
Checkout that cloud formation…
I once did a post about the humble bumble bee, and how badly they’ve been affected this year due to the weather? Well I noticed this stuck on a tree:
It looks like C&RT are on the CASE…
When we arrived at the pub, we noticed some friends of ours had moored their widebeam up right outside it, and were sat on the back of the boat having a drink. We got an invite to join them, so we all sat and put the world to rights till long after it had gone dark.
Later on we actually went in the pub, as originally intended for a quiet drink, but forgot it was quiz night. (Different pub, different quiz night to ours). So whilst not actually doing the quiz for real, we still answered the questions between ourselves. Pretty certain we got most of them right, we were also pretty certain we should’ve paid a quid.
There was also a crowd of Americans in there. Mr Quiznight didn’t know they’d just popped across the Atlantic for a decent pint, and by co-incidence there were a lot of “Americanised” questions. Like us they didn’t actually do the quiz, but unlike us, they kept shouting the answers out loud! Nope, that ain’t the idea guys…
Had a nice day…? I think that’s a “Yup.”

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