A Bow Thruster Birthday

Firstly, it’s Dave’s birthday today. So:
Red heartHAPPY ##TH BIRTHDAY HONEY !!!Red heart
This is the card I got for him…
And inside…
Forget the beer, he’ll be drinking this…
Reserve Chianti 2008.
It´s a posh bottle of wine Liam and Maddy bought him last Christmas. He said he’d save it for his ##TH birthday, nobody believed him at the time!
Secondly: What’s the broken bow thruster got to do with anything? Well we’re [not so] patiently waiting for Ian to appear with the motor and solenoid. Honestly it’s like sitting in a dentists waiting room.
The darn thing packed up IN JULY and this will be the third major attempt to fix it. Let’s say it’s been a challenge for Ian, wasn’t his fault. The TT curse strikes again with not one, but two unrelated problems. The latter of which required a new part from Isuzu. Turns out it also lied to him on the previous bench test, the little bugger. 
I’ll save this as a draft for now & let you know the outcome later. Just like last time I doubt it will work. Oh me of little faith.  
Sometime later: The switch has been switched, the connectors are connected. AND IT’S WORKING AGAIN!!! Not sure if Dave’s switch is connected to the fact that he’s now ## though…
Now then, there’s just the small matter of settling the huge bill, well he can put that 21 quid that was in his 21st card towards it.
Oh, and thank you to Ian the magic electricIAN…!

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