Warmer Climes

It’s on a day like this our thoughts turn to warmer climes, well that’s how it works for Dave and me after a summer like we’ve had. A BOAT THAT DIDN¨T WORK and NO WARM SUN… So here’s the details I just can’t keep quiet about anymore:

Before we knew where we wanted to go, these were our criteria for wherever we ended up:

  1. Somewhere warm (obviously)

  2. No wars

  3. Reasonable economic stability (anything more is unrealistic)

  4. No floods

  5. No wildfires

  6. No hurricanes or tornado’s

  7. No civil unrest

Which left us with just about nowhere in the world…

So what with all that, the length of time we wanted to get away for, and the fact that we didn’t know where the hell we were going. We went into a travel agent rather than doing it all online. We needed some help with this…! Just a bit.

Fortunately we sat down with the manager who certainly knew her stuff. After almost two hours the decision was made, she was very honest and fair with her advice. The other advantage was that with her years of experience, she knew all about the reputation of various hotels and locations. 
 So we’ve booked ourselves in a 5 star hotel on the quiet side of BENIDORM, off peak season from January to March next year… Average temp 18 – 24 degrees C in January, higher in the sun,, and rising.  The hotel has:

  • Two massive outdoor swimming pools, one massive indoor one too. We’ve seen all the photos, there’s no mistaking the size.

  • Gym

  • Sauna

  • Spa

  • Whirlpool (that’s a fancy Jacuzzi only bigger)

  • Every hotel room faces the private beach with a massive balcony

  • Restaurants and bars on site – shops nearby

  • Soundproof night club

  • Lots of trips out including the likes of scuba diving

  • Night-time entertainment round the pools

  • Aqua aerobics 

  • Free Wi-Fi if you want to stay in touch with folks on the cheap

Last but not least, because it’s not your average package holiday place, it should be nice and peaceful. Ah bliss…

It´ll be a pleasure to say “Adios” to Britain when the plane takes off.

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