There’s nothing more annoying when you’re sat on the toilet than a dripping tap within earshot, take my word for it, a hammer hitting a nail would be easier to cope with. 
For the past week or so the hot tap in the bathroom sink has been dripping constantly, so as a temporary measure we’ve switched the water off at night so as not to waste any, OR HEAR THE DAM THING. [Temporary measure = till Dave sorts it]
But I’ve been reliably informed it’s more complicated than just needing new washers. Well of course it had to be, that’s the way things work (or don’t) on this boat, the enthusiasm is underwhelming.
A few days ago the cold tap joined in. Since then I’ve observed that:

  • Sometimes they drip individually, (one tap at a time).
  • Sometimes they drip together in unison.
  • Sometimes they drip together not in unison.
  • Sometimes one drips while the other dribbles.
  • Sometimes one does three drips while the other just contributes with one, and vice versa.
  • The tap in charge is the hot tap, (more experienced and dribbles more often).
However today’s discovery has taken the situation one drip too far. The darn things are still dripping with the water switched OFF. Yes, you read that right. No other taps are involved in this conspiracy. The kitchen sink tap, the water filter tap, and the shower are all behaving themselves. Oh, and it´s got nothing to do with leaky pipes, and everything to do with replacing the taps completely…

2 thoughts on “2 DRIPS

  1. Those taps appear to be the ceramic disk type. They need water pressure to seal, the higher the pressure the better.


  2. Yep, looks like you're right, we've just done some research online.

    They're not easy to take apart, so that's why Dave was cautious. Didn't want to damage them. (Well they did cost 70 quid)

    Says he (thinks) he's worked it out now.

    Caution: Man at work lol.

    And thanks for the info,



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