The Missing Travel Agent

Yes it could only happen to us.

Today was bash your card day settle the balance on your holiday day. But the shop had disappeared {I kid ye not} “GOING PLACES” had literally GONE places.

We wandered up and down the shopping mall in dismay for half an hour, then we saw another Travel Agents and went in there. Right place, with a different name. {We recognised the luxury chairs that make your bum ache}

So what the?? Turns out we should´ve got an email to let us know they´d been eaten by another company. Nope, we didn´t.

Going Places back to before we´d chosen where to go, I wrote a monologue listing various worldwide political and weather problems we wanted to avoid. Have a think about that and Bognor Regis sounds appealing.

So we booked six weeks in Benidorm, a place free of wars, famine, political unrest, and horrid weather.

Why bother with an old fashioned travel agent in the first place? Well it´s not exactly your average package holiday, too much potential for booking complications.

Oh the irony…

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