Has somebody nicked a sandwich?

We were treated to a wonderful aerobatic display over the marina this morning, this helicopter went ducking and diving and hovering all over the place.
We gathered they were looking for someone or something. So Dave went outside to take these photos, meantime I’m pointing at him and shouting “HERE HE IS, YOU’VE FOUND HIM!”
They must’ve had a great view of the marina from up there…
Last night we went to the marina’s:
Meet & Greet
Sounds a bit final that doesn’t it? Like the ice is going to move in sometime today and that’s it for months on end…

2 thoughts on “Has somebody nicked a sandwich?

  1. Yeah sorry not to make this year's end of season moorers party. We did go last year!! I had thought of taking AM up to the stratosphere and doing a leap of faith at 2x the speed of sound but realised no one would hear me! So now here we are down the Wigan and just before the bridge that takes us onto the Bridgewater. I'm now on the look out for Ken from Corrie. Hey I think the newbies on Pier-Q-liar, we met them and I think he is associated with solid fuel fires. Am I right or am I right?? XXOO


  2. Yep, she said they'd met you before you set off on your voyage of discovery.

    They've got another boat that they're fitting out at the mo. So he might've mentioned it to you then.

    BTW, we asked later & the helicopter was looking for Chris. For some strange reason they thought he'd broken out from yerkshire without permission to to leave.

    We told them he was an Iranian muslim so that was ok, no problem.



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