Visitor Moorings

Well these are but a handful of geese that often occupy the piece of land where the pub / restaurant is going to be built next year. They´ve seem to have moved onto the visitor moorings, in a bid to protest.
There’s that many of them I couldn’t get them all in one photo…!
2012-10-06 13.53.18
We were trundling past the visitor moorings (the other side) one day and there were about 20 of them lined up as if waiting for a bus. The moment I grabbed the camera they flew off. It would’ve made a great photo, but alas not.
So the question is, will they be evicted, will they stage a stand in, (barking squatters), or will they move onto the visitor moorings all squished together for good…?

4 thoughts on “Visitor Moorings

  1. Thank you Mr Meerkat,

    I shall be writing to FART about it myself. [Full Aquisition (of) Retaining Territory] in an effort to begin the process of eviction.

    So far 2 associations have been created by local officials:

    WWAPP = We Want A Posh Pub.

    SBOG = So Bugger Off Geese.

    Placards will be available for a small fee, & all funds raised will be donated to farmers trying to bring up larger potato's.

    PS: That “woman?” with the gob at Dale Farm would make a wonderful companion for Freddy Kruger.

    Keep the faith bro,

    Heth the Feth


  2. My solution for Canadian geese is pillows!! I did meet someone somewhere some time ago but not that long ago who had a canadian goose feather stuffed pillow and said he has never slept better. Now where did I meet him?? I have not seen any Canadian geese recently, Brent Geese I think…..


  3. Dave said to let you know he's caught one & it's hanging off the bow to “cure.”

    You can have the feathers for your pillow, & we're saving the rest for a Christmas meal when you get back.




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