About the electrics, chapter 14, verse 2

Well this is going to be a SHORT post – there’s a CONNECTION there somewhere. [No apologies for being the Queen of pathetic puns] You´re not going to believe this but the electric has been tripping out a lot recently,, yes we trip from one problem to another. The only reason we´ve noticed it is because the inverter does a gentle wooooo sound as it kicks in and takes over by using the batteries.

However, a couple of days ago the problem rectified itself on it’s own. Which makes perfect sense seeing as it cocked up on it’s own. The conclusion is that the fault was with the hook up box thingy on the pier, so Mr Electrician came to sort it out.
If it starts up again we’ve decided to ration electrics on the pier. For example:

  • Each boat can have a different time slot for switching lights on.
  • Each boat’s number of appliances will be based on the ratio of amps required, the more amps, the longer the permitted hours of usage.
  • TV programmes will have to be arranged in advance.
  • Recharging phones / laptops will be done on a rotational basis.
  • Central heating systems will have a time limit.
  • Washing will have to be done in a sink.
  • Showers will be limited to 5 minutes, so if someone is still only up to the shampoo and set stage, shampoo becomes the new hair conditioner.
  • And finally, anyone caught cheating will have their electric plug confiscated.


Makes a change, we thought TT was up to Total Trickery again…

2 thoughts on “About the electrics, chapter 14, verse 2

  1. Fraternal greetings from the meerkat branch of “Microwaves 'R' Us”. Purchase a new microwave and get a free all “Action Man” of your own. He can spray clean a microwave to stop internal flash-overs in moments.


    Psst Orlov asleep!


  2. Greetings Bogdan,

    News just in: We've changed the electric cable. The microwave is now silent!

    Does the meerkat branch of MRUS have another branch called Toilets R Us?? (TRUS) by any chance? Cos ours needs a new flush thingy, it's an intermittent fault at the moment. A right pain in the ass.

    Dave says he'll gladly let the action man replace it. Internal flush-over moments protected.

    PS: EEs Orlove ze acshun mon?

    From Electric Heth


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