Oh dear, our ex house had a road accident

My mum sent me an email today. Apparently someone’s driven a car full pelt through our ex front garden. Then through what was our fence, into the neighbours garden, and smashed it into their garage.

They also took (the neighbours) very fancy gate post with it, and the hedge that Dave used to manicure on a frequent basis too. Think of the speed they must’ve been going at to go over a concrete base (of the fence) and end up doing so much damage next door as well! How no-one was hurt is a miracle.

This is related to one of the reasons we wanted to move. There’s just ten houses in that small cull-de-sac and everyone has two cars. Some even have three, (“kids” still living with mum and dad), there’s even a boat on one drive and a guys work WAGON on another!

An even BIGGER problem was that there’s a secondary school on the main road. At dropping off time in a morning the avenue was used as a car park for big SUV’s and at home time too. They didn’t care about blocking driveways either.
However we never thought anything like that would happen! The worst we had was a woman backing into part of the front hedge (school time SUV). And much less importantly, Liam once backed his car into one of my plant pots!

We both feel really sorry for the guy who bought our house last year. Whilst at the same time being glad that it didn’t happen during the selling process. Which was on-going exactly a year ago…

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