The water pump farce and there’s more

There’s at least one total farce per week on this boat,, yesterday was a prime example. We’d noticed the water pump was getting noisy for a while, the past couple of weeks it’s sounded like jungle drums under the bow. But it was still working, not leaking so bugger it, always best to get your money’s worth these days even if you need earplugs. However, on Monday the inevitable happened and it started leaking.
“Right well, it’s time to buy a new one” says Dave, Then “Hang on, we’re talking about me and water here, we don’t get on.”

Strange that, thinks me, it’s not like he doesn’t know what he’s doing. He’s fitted a new shower, new sink and taps, new lights, and changed a water pump on here before. Hmm. It’s only in hindsight I realised he must be psychic…
First problem: He went round to Midland Chandlers yesterday, and they didn’t stock our make or model anymore. I mean it’s “Sure Flow” for goodness sake, not some obscure Chinese jobby.
Next step, go under the bow for even more detailed info about the tech spec. He thought it would be easier just to rip the dam thing off, take it back there with him, and they could match another “Sure Flow” up. Glory be! They did, and off he went back under the bow.

Next problem: It hadn’t come with any “spades” in the box (to dig out what?)

Next step: Back to Midland Chandlers for some “spades” [It’s nice on the beach at this time of year, provided you’re outside of Britain,, should’ve bought a bucket too] But why didn’t they tell him they don’t come with spades (of any kind) in the box anymore first time?

Next step: Come back and finish the job. So what should’ve taken 40 minutes took 2 hours.

Today, yes I’ve been hiding stuff in the hope they’ll go away:

BUT there’s even more going wrong aboard the good bad ship Toil n’ Trouble!
About a week ago I noticed the water in the shower was only tepid, not properly warm. In fact we’ve had to press the button, knock the safety temp off and turn it all the way just to get tepid. I kid ye not, having a shower is painful.
What with jungle drums in the background recently, and dancing about in the shower at the same time. A passing observer would think we were practicing for the naked version of Strictly come Hopping Dancing (oh missus). Now the water won’t warm up at all, yes I’m boiling a kettle just to do the washing up. Yet the central heating boiler is lovely and quiet as always, and the radiators get hot. Work that out?
We’ve come to the conclusion that problems on this badly behaved boat are either obscure anomaly’s that don’t make sense. Or obvious problems that aren’t easily rectified and should be.

You’re really not going to believe this one, even with a new cable the electrical problem is slowly coming back. Which is what it did last time, device by device. The microwave has started crackling again, so it’s left switched off. Another mystery, it was cured for a few days.

You know what, I think Dave’s almost at the selling up stage right now, and I’m not far behind…
Thing is, how could we sell up when it’s all logged and blogged, warts and all??????? (Oops).

If we get all this sorted, would you buy a TT? She might behave better for someone else…

6 thoughts on “The water pump farce and there’s more

  1. Sorry Heth, too fat for us (the boat my dear!)

    Paul N Kath
    ps we is coming past Mercia Friday about 11 am – on our thin boat


  2. Hi Paul & Kath,

    If you're mooring overnight at Willington, we'll be in the Dragon tomorrow, about 8pm. Could meet up again if you like 🙂

    Sorry for late reply, been busy today!



  3. Sadly we is heading to Branston as we have a table booked for 6:30.

    Sure we will be about in the spring and will let you know


  4. Hi Paul & Kath, not to worry, I sorta gathered you weren't hanging about!

    Have a lovely meal, & hopefully see you next spring sometime.

    I'll have to check if we've got a “window” open in the old filofax after we get back from Benidorm! Aye its a busy life this retired lark lol.

    Heth & Dave 🙂 🙂


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