Fireworks night at Mercia Marina

In case you missed it, here it is… [Hold the phone up in the air and keep pressing the icon thingy with one hand. Whilst hanging onto a plastic wine cup with the other] 

2012-11-03 18.39.56
2012-11-03 18.39.58
2012-11-03 18.40.01
2012-11-03 18.39.49
2012-11-03 18.39.06
2012-11-03 18.39.11

2012-11-03 18.38.43
2012-11-03 18.38.26
2012-11-03 18.38.07
2012-11-03 18.37.59
2012-11-03 18.37.40
The bonfire, it was just a tad bigger than it looks in this photo…
2012-11-03 18.10.40
The hog roast and the queue…! We all had a yummy beef burger, not keen on hogs, its the look in it’s eyes that does it…
2012-11-03 18.43.43
Great night, and back to TT the party boat later with friends…

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