Tootling Up The M6

By boat car, Dave had four new tyres put on the boat car the other day, which means we’ve now got a full set with the same pattern, ah. To be fair they were all the same pattern before. But you know how it is, everything eventually fades in the wash, and they’ve been washed a lot this year just by being out in the rain. I haven’t had to run them through the washer appliance at all, in fact it’s been ages since I’ve had to dismantle the front to get a pair in.


Anyway, back on the M6, we’re going to stay with our good friends Liz the Wiz and Mark Bee tomorrow at their new posh house for a few days. And visit other friends at our old stomping ground St Mary’s Marina.


Wiz and Bee here might have a posh house and a boat on St Mary’s, but they’re still “common as muck” like the rest of us…


We’re also hoping to see Mark the Spark and Bin while we’re there…



Others on the “To See” list include:

Mark Em

Rosie and Jim

Kenny Rodgers

This “Happy Families” renaming thing all came about because too many Mark’s had flocked together and settled on our pier. This caused much confusion with the locals, so we found a clever way round it. Well we all thought it was.

Brings back memories, this time last year we were still at St Mary’s in the midst of arranging cranes and a lorry, ready for TT taking off being lifted out on 5th December. Then being plonked in here at Mercia (100 miles away) the next day. The traumatic mess we found inside has all but faded away, but our introduction here was not a happy one…!
Blogged as usual, but I couldn’t be bothered putting the links in right now because I’ve got to pack me suitcase with 10,000 jumpers…

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