Well that was fun wasn’t it? Yes, Definitely!

Surreal too. Here we all are at the pub quiz on Tuesday night at Rufford, just like old times. Nothing’s changed and we’re still as barmy as before. Hey, and we came joint second and won 13 quid! A paltry sum, but without us two I swear they would’ve come first.
Wiz, Mark Bee, Mark the Spark, and Bin…
2012-11-06 22.27.54
There were 8 of us altogether, although besides me, there’s someone else missing off this photo. Mark Bee was at the Bar…
2012-11-06 22.25.32
Me and Wiz…
2012-11-06 22.26.19
Now then, we even have names for some of the other teams, “The Parish Council” being our favourite. When we were at St Mary’s, they all used to arrive (every week) with their walking sticks and hats with netting on – even the blokes. Although the latter were greatly out-numbered by the fairer sex because we last longer.
Anyway the big gossip “new” news was: The Parish Council have changed the table they sit at. Oh the shock! However, at their old table were another team of rather elderly, (but not quite as elderly) quiz masters.
This wasn’t right, every team sits at the same table every week, it’s like tradition or something. So, not recognising any of them I asked Wiz if they were another Parish Council?
The answer was that they’re the future Parish Council, the original ones have moved over yonder (another table) without permission.
When we got back to Mark and Liz’s house we were up till 5am in the morning catching up on things! I mean the only time I’m ever up at 5am is to sleep walk to the toilet for a wee in the night.
They live in a very rural area, the house is MASSIVE with an acre of garden(s) so they have regular wildlife visitors such as ducks, rabbits, a pheasant, and a squirrel!
I thought I’d got a photo of the pheasant when he popped in for a visit, but he went and blended in with the foliage quick smart.
Then the squirrel took over the bird table but my Thickfone was on charge – garden blooming typical. 
However I did get one of this baby wabbit, not very good on a Thickfone, but there he is next to the patio…
2012-11-07 13.17.57
View from the kitchen window, you can’t even see their very own personal field beyond…
2012-11-08 13.08.36
Ah well that’s it for tonight today, I’m knackered. Too much partying is good for one’s soul, but not for one’s digestive system.
Just realised, after composing all this I forgot to say, we arrived back at TT last night, so we’re not in synch here. But never mind we’ll all catch up eventually…

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