Freeport harbour village at Fleetwood

Freeport is a shopping village with over 40 small, but perfectly formed retail outlets, and it’s situated right next to the harbour. On Wednesday we spent the afternoon there with Liz and Mark. Tell you what, it’s changed a bit since our last visit almost 10 years ago, there were only about 5 shops then!
Photos of the harbour, no fishing boats on this side of the lock…

2012-11-07 15.06.59

2012-11-07 15.08.48
2012-11-07 15.09.00
Part of the shopping mall on the left, and the BIG sea lock beyond it…

2012-11-07 15.12.33
2012-11-07 15.14.52
The harbour itself had a serene yet eerie atmosphere, with the wind whistling loudly through the masts, bells on buoys clanging, and no humans to be seen, it was even a bit ghostly.
Most of the boats are pleasure craft, some even looked like people live aboard. It certainly wasn’t a luxury marina harbour, more like a neat and tidy storage area for neat and tidy abandoned boats – but were they abandoned?
Being an inquisitive soul I would’ve liked to know more about the air of mystery, even with an open mind I couldn’t see it. But for some reason it’s unknown appeal still made you stop, take in a deep breath and relax…
So after the “stop and stare” thing, we went round the shopping mall. Didn’t do so bad either, I bought some sandals for when we go to Spain. The label on them said £16.50, by the time I’d walked to the till they’d decreased in value to £2.50. [Say nothing and rummage round for some change in the dusty section of one’s purse]
I also got some other bits and bobs that are hard to find at this time of year when you’re going on a summer winter holiday. Later on, after working up an appetite, Liz and Mark took us to a lovely restaurant nearby for a meal.
That night we went to a pub in Poulton, the beautiful little village where they live.Then called in at a kebab shop, went back to the house with our goodie bags, and had an early night.
Early being 2am…

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