Remember Remember The 11th Of November

As parents of a serving British Soldier, today is very meaningful and poignant to us. On a personal note, as the proud mum who gave birth to a British Soldier.

This god forsaken war in Afghan is such a waste of time. So many gave their lives or came home injured. So yes, with our son having done a 6 month tour there, we can identify with this war personally.


In a different way I have much respect all the veterans too, those who gave their lives so we could enjoy freedom. Their war, against all odds was not hopeless and they knew it. Even though it was cruel, they did not die in vain, they changed the world for the better.

However, the sheer determination, bravery and courage shown is ALWAYS the same. The underlying principles of being a soldier in the British Army have not changed. War is War, no matter what the circumstances may be.

Words are not enough.

I’m not a superstitious person, but over the years I’ve found little things that may point in that direction! These things may sound a bit silly, but they’re not to me.

Firstly, I won’t wear a Poppy when I go out. Why? Because I might lose it somewhere, and to me that represents a (future) lost life, so I daren’t risk it.

We also give money into the British Legion Poppy Appeal and Help For Heroes collection boxes whenever we see them. We’re both compelled to do that – to us, (no ego boost involved) another life saved.

Here’s Barney now, our mascot, he’s featured on the blog before and collects stuff that means a lot. Maybe he saves some lives by keeping our Poppy’s safe. We both pat him on the head every day…



We do our best, and it keeps our minds at rest…

We’re going out tonight and I’ve decided to put two poppy’s in my hair, tightly held with hair grips!

In a way, this blog post focuses on how we both feel as parents, and a small part of how we deal with it. Mostly it’s about what your child wants to do. “Mum, dad, it’s just my job.” It’s not about us, it’s all about THEM…

I will wear my Poppy’s with pride tonight, safe in the knowledge that they’re stuck to my head good and proper…!

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