You know you’ve had a great night with friends when:

You wake up and reach for the painkillers first thing in the morning. (Karma).

Some of our friends came round for a meal last night, much alcohol was consumed, and my ribs are aching due to laughing too much. Can you laugh too much? Hey, we’ve all only got one life so we might as well.

Amidst the many highly sensible subjects we discussed was golf carts. Now golf carts are usually associated with um, golf courses. But with a few modifications they could be transformed into “Marina Carts” for flying up and down the pier on. What fun eh? Aside from that they could have several practical uses such as:
When going non food shopping, (or even boring food shopping) one could use the marina cart to transport oneself to one’s car. When one returns, it gets even better. Bags of shopping can be stuffed into the bit where golf clubs used to be, and transported directly to the boat in one go.

The main purpose discussed last night was to drive back to one’s boat as opposed to staggering. But there’s two downsides to that. Drink driving isn’t a good idea, and the odds of falling in would probably be more of a risk than simply staggering.

However, these problems would be totally eliminated if there was a Marina Cart Taxi Service. There’d also have to be a traffic light system installed so that no two carts ever meet each other on the same pier. Without such technology it might present a problem as to who has right of way, or no way as the case may be. We couldn’t have it turning into a contact sport with the risk of cart rage. See, we think of everything.

Oh, and these Carts have nothing to do with the other kind of CART. Tell you what though, our Carts make much more sense (don’t they?) and they’d be well maintained for BOATERS.

Right, that’s it, back to the weight training tonight…

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