Have you seen the weather forecast for Friday?

So imagine this, Dave, plus two suitcases, plus me teetering on the back here, because we may have to plough through the fields. …
I mean would you credit it? Friday =

  • 15 – 20 inches of snow (all day) on top of ice.
  • Up to 15mph winds (think blizzard after snow). 
  • As for the temperature, well that´s anyone´s guess. 
It all adds up to, Quote: “Severe Disruption.”
Just hope the taxi´s got snow tyres, the runway´s clear, and the planes aren´t iced up.
It’s been 21 degrees in Benidorm today, what a shock it’ll be to the system! Not that either of us are complaining about that, provided we get there.

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