All I can say is

Adios Me Amigos…
Take care and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do, which leaves you with a lot of scope…!
So this is a temporary blog shutdown, and I’ll spam you with photos when we get back in 6 weeks. Oh, and of course stories,, there’s bound to be loads of them.
Just heard on the news there was an earthquake here last night, as if blizzard conditions aren’t enough? What next? So with odds stacked against us getting off the ground we can but hope…
To echo Arnie’s words, “I’ll be back,” well, depending on the weather…

3 thoughts on “All I can say is

  1. Hi Ian & Irene,

    Thanks! Wondering if we'll get either to the airport or off the ground at the moment.

    Just about to ring up see what the score is at the airport. Thats if we can get through.

    Phones arent working proper, neither is marina wi-fi. Just tried to send a message to our soldier son in Cyprus (on ops) to let him know. Messages fail to send. 😦

    Don't feel in holiday mood at all. Not like me to miss the funny side eh? Except to say, this is just typical! A bit over the top though.

    From a very fed up H xxx


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