A Change Of Heart

Hello folks, hope you’ve enjoyed yourselves in the snow, ice, wind, hail and rain over the past 6 weeks while we´ve been in Benidorm. {SMUG cheeky mare or what?}

12 degrees aboard TT today and we’re both freezing outside. Must look like a couple of brown ice sculptures. Yes the tan came along nicely and will no doubt (not) nicely fade away quick smart.

Re: The change of heart? Well, it goes like this, we’re selling up and moving to Spain. No I’m not kidding. Yes, you heard it here first, well third, because this information went on Farcebook and Titter while we were there. Folks couldn’t believe it, bet you can’t either…

Thing is, we’ve been debating this for a while now, so the past 6 weeks have been mainly a wonderful holiday in the sun, but also about research.

It’s all about the crap weather in the UK for us, not the boat, she’s a treasure, and someone will end up with a beautiful warm (inside) floating home. Fully fitted too. No this isn’t an advert, we have to be very patient and realistic before starting our new life.

Valuation: Thursday.

The blog: Will continue, with details of our “life journey.”

The holiday photos: Haven’t had chance to put them on my laptop yet, so I’ll spam you with them for the next 6 weeks or so ok? Don’t worry, there’s none of any fat people in their tiny swimwear all trussed up, yet spilling out all over on the beach.

Philosophy: You’ve only got one life, so make things happen if you can.

So, what do you think of that then? Answers on a postcard without any extra to pay…

9 thoughts on “A Change Of Heart

  1. Sorry you're leaving the waterways, but I wish you both all the best for a sunny future. England and her weather will always be here should you change your mind.


  2. Thanks Jon & Jan,

    It's a big wrench for us, but we've thought long & hard about it.

    Moving to warmer climes was but a dream for us till we experienced it all be it temporarily.

    TT was a dream for us at the time, we managed to achieve it & it's been the right decision for 4 years or so. But things have changed for us & we have to create another one.

    Will our new one happen? Time will tell.

    H xx


  3. We are loving our life on Caxton after over 30 years living in Oz. We will go back one day, and the thing that will send us back will be the UK weather! We love everything about the UK, the people, the pubs the general way of life, but the weather…..I am guessing we will manage 3-4 years before the lure of the sun beckons.
    What I am saying is I dont blame you!


  4. Hi,sold my boat and moved to spain last year,best thing I have done.where in spain are you thinking of?I am in mojacar.neil


  5. Hi Paul & Elaine,

    Yes, good old Blighty has lots to offer ecxept weather. Climate change eh? What a bummer. But like you said warmth (outside) is a big, ney huge thing!

    Running towards something new / different rather than running away. It's like a realisation that what was right – is no longer. I understand how you must feel too, having not originated from a hot country myself!

    There's other pluses besides the weather. Main one being the economy. Here, everywhere is affected. In Spain it's a regional thing. Benidorm is already well established & positively booming. Blimey if I made a list we'd be here for hours lol.



  6. We're talking about possibly coming out to Benidorm im the autumn – we haven't been for a good few years but used to come out regularly when our son was a holiday rep, so if we do, we could look you up. No point in bringing a bottle of wine, though…… maybe HP Sauce instead?


  7. Hi Brian,

    Well I certainly hope we're “installed” by then!

    TT went up for sale on Thursday with Dominic Miles at Rugby Boat Sales. Will post a link when he's finished the web page this week sometime.

    Thing is,,,, I kept calling him Brian (get why?)

    So now when he writes an email he signs it “Dominic (Brian)” lol.

    I asked him if he knew you online but he couldn't remember. Not like me then eh? I mean I can't remember names but can when they're muxed ip… (Weird)



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