The Melia Benidorm Hotel

When we first arrived at the hotel and gathered our cases off the airport bus, this is what we were met with. And that’s just the entrance.

Any efforts to appear like seasoned tourists who’d seen it all before vanished immediately. We both looked at each other in awe, and managed to utter “WOW” about 20 times…


Then it just got even better Inside, yes all these plants are REAL, none of Aunty Betty’s fake silk flowers with tea stains…



Hanging Gardens of Babylon got nothing on this…




Hotel 2

Entrance at night, all lit up…


Both towers, taken while stood in front of the two MASSIVE outdoor swimming pools…



Our room was up there somewhere, in fact 17 floors up there…


One of the pools lit up at night…


And from our balcony…


And right next to it…



This bit here must be where people sit round in summer, sipping cocktails while having a right good gossip…


The way down to the spa, gym, the massive indoor swimming pool and Jacuzzi’s (latter being plural)…


Ha! Imagine two little kids called Heth and Dave sat in a Jacuzzi laughing their heads off. Whilst powerful bubbles are firing off into bodily crevices they’ve no right to be in.

Believe me, we’ve been in them things before, but that was enough to blow your ass off, or even up, (call it cosmetically toned).

PS: On a different note, but still on a watery theme, Takey Tezey is being valued tomorrow ready for sale. Agghhh, just noticed a speck of dust…

2 thoughts on “The Melia Benidorm Hotel

  1. Ola!

    Greetings & thank you dear friend, but I don't like onions so will outsize red peppers be ok?

    Had a look at that blog, it's v bonio, sorry Bueno.

    Fed up of the sun?? Never! Come back here? Never!

    Tatty bye, I mean Adios Amigo.

    PS: Got lots to do first, be ages till we go for good.

    PPS: Boat officially went up for sale yesterday, will be on their website next week sometime. I'll post a link.


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