High Drama

We were walking along the beach, (24th February 2013 – look at that sky), when all of a sudden peace was shattered. Within the space of about 10 minutes a total of:

  • 4 fire engines
  • 9 police cars
  • 5 ambulances
  • And a major incident fire truck flew past us at breakthrough speed.

Turned out the orange coloured apartment block in the photo was on fire at the back, we could see wisps of smoke that soon turned BLACK. Fire crews began spraying water at the apartments behind it, as well as the one on fire so it wouldn’t spread.     


They closed the road off of course, including the side road we were going to walk up to see a small town called Fincas. We’d been told there were some nice apartments for sale there.

Even though we’ve already been to see the apartment we really want with the estate agent, it was still worth a look (to rule out the place) if nothing else. By this time we’d walked miles every day, and knew Benidorm like the back of our hands!

Eventually, when the fire was out, we were allowed to walk up a different way, but the roads remained closed to traffic so the ambulances could make a swift exit.

The top 4 floors of the small but once perfectly formed apartment block were completely gutted. I didn’t take any photos of the state it was in, because the rumour was that someone may have jumped. So it seemed a bit gruesome.

Needless to say Fincas was not for us, yes there were some very nice apartments, and that was it! Lovely views but a bit bleak with no shops, no nothing nearby, not even a cafe to sit outside. The only thing it did have was the big main road to Alicante going right through it.

Basically, after seeing so many properties, the estate agent knew exactly what we were looking for and where. Hence she was right not to bother taking us there to see anything. Another pleasant 7 mile walk in the sunshine though, just hope no-one was badly hurt in the incident we witnessed…

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