Tornado Alert!

Drama of a different kind:

28th of Feb was a complete right off weather wise. In five weeks we’d had a sum total of three hours of rain. Not even all at once, different days, and never enough to even wet the pavement! Then afterwards the sun always came out and temperatures rocketed again.

However this day was different, the sky was angry and a spectacular thunderstorm rumbled on for about two hours. Blimey, even the roads got wet!

With the dark clouds over the sea we noticed a “V” shape which sort of hung down from the others. (The words “tornado in the making” came to mind). But that was silly wasn’t it? Half an hour later:



The photo is deceptive, it was nowhere near any buildings, “touch down” was up in the mountains beyond.

So with the rest of the day staying much the same, minus any more tornado’s, we spent the afternoon in the (indoor) pool, and then sat in one of the Jacuzzi’s to relax. Well it was hard work watching that thunderstorm! 

The next day was sunny and very warm, like nothing had ever happened…

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