Quirky Spanish Gaffs

Oh, I love this kind of stuff, play on words wherever “one” may be…

Check out Number 1 on the menu here:

Perhaps a “Chicken chest” is more enticing than a Chicken BREAST…?

Menu gaff

Personally I think it makes much more sense, because you never see chickens wearing bra’s. They must’ve burned them all in the era of free love and never put them back on.


Then there’s this one:

Note where you have to ask TO rather than AT…


Yes, it might make us titter, but how many of us Brits know Spanish well enough not to make the same gaffs with their language? And I wonder how many of us even speak Spanish? Hmm…

If you do, let me know, I (sorry, we) need a few lessons. Mind you, having said that we got by quite nicely using Spanglish & sign language. In fact that was probably more fun than knowing it all. Got a bit complicated when I came out with Lancashire phrases though.

Imagine the scene: Sat outside a posh cafe, with the hot sun shining down on the righteous, over the beautiful Mediterranean sea. The waiter says “Coffee senora?” Heth says “Aye lad put th’ kettle on.”  

No I didn’t really, but by gum the temptation was there…

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