Naughty, Naughty!

Ice cream heaven! Blimey, it was served in a fancy fancy glass the size of a plant pot, but alas…


Shame about the photo, yes that is me, I was eating an ice cream in January to cool off, whilst trying to appear sexy (???). Looks more like I’m trying to stifle a yawn. Dam camera put itself in video mode, so this is a totally crap “caption” thingy.

Blame the handbag, what with half a ton of rubbish juggling about in there whilst walking along, SOMETHING must have caused the camera to change it’s settings.

Women like me who carry loads of trash round, (which is most of us) very often find mobile phones etc take on a life of their own. Jostling for space amidst a myriad of items that like to play around with settings. Keeps them from getting bored…

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