Or TTFN as Dave’s dad used to say, because it means you’ll see each other soon…

On 2nd of March 2013 we said TTFN to our home of 6 weeks:

Bye bye Melia

And to some of the friends we made:

This is Manuel from Fawlty Towers Fernando from Melia Towers behind the bar…


US: “We’ll go to Manuel’s bar tonight,” (great service, great guy).

Manuel Fernando: “Ola! Dos vino Blanco me amigos?”

US: “Ola Fernando,” {hugs for me, shake hands for Dave} “Si, & Gracias, no need to ask have we?”

He puts 2 empty glasses on the bar and says: “EES FEEFTY Powwnds, price gone up, vino extra.”

Dave’s pays for 2 glasses with no vino in them. He leaves us stood there for a while, (pretending to forget us), then comes back. “I bring to table.”

We both “seet at table,” then he brings a tray with A BOTTLE of white wine in an ice bucket, nuts, biscuits, free pens, and a flower for me. Then says: “SHUSH” in Spanglish. Aww…

One day after the “FEEFTY powwnds”  bit, Dave gave him a 50 Euro note, Manuel put it in the till, no change, and went off serving someone else. (No worry’s, all part of the comedy act). Afterwards he takes the same 50 Euro note out of the till, and gives it back to Dave with the drinks. Dave being a gentleman insisted on paying. But “the bar master” wouldn’t ever let us pay for a full bottle, even when we’d only ordered 2 glasses of vino…!

When we said goodbye on the last day, Dave gave him 10 Euros, but he wouldn’t take it. Then we both said “for Bambino” (his wife had just had a baby). So he reluctantly did.

Honestly we made more Spanish friends out there than we did Brits. That’s why we need to learn the language. We both decided that for us, it’s easier to learn from an old fashioned book, “pick up and put down” rather than a media based thing.

Having said that we won a pub quiz with some Brits. Champagne too! It would definitely have got lost in translation in Spanglish though. Blooming heck, it was difficult enough in English…!

                Last photos of Spain from Alicante airport, not many airports can say they’ve got views like this from just outside Departures…




22 degrees C, to –1 degrees C in but a few hours. (BIG sigh). However TT warmed up quick smart, considering she’d been sat in ice for weeks…


One of my friends on Farcebook reckoned we’d get fed up with the heat living there. Well, we’ve lived in 35 degrees C in Florida, dropping down to just 30 degrees overnight for a full month, so I think we can take it!

Secret is: Drink gallons of water, spray on the Factor 50 and always wear sunglasses to protect your eyes. If anyone thinks that’s inconvenient, think about the thermal underwear and 3 layers of clothing required here in Blighty for months on end…


We spoke to people from France and Belgium while we were there, and (not surprisingly) they confirmed that their weather had also deteriorated significantly in the past 3 years. (Blame Cyberia, it’s true). They have no summers anymore either, and their weather forecasters say it’s set to stay that way, just like ours do.

Global warming, no avoiding it. The couple from Belgium were looking for a property just like us. And the couple from France had decided on staying in Benidorm, in winter, every winter, from now on.

It’s amazing the conversations you can have in a lift, and the friends you can make from all over the world…!

4 thoughts on “Goodbye

  1. Your friend on face book is correct, you can get fed up with extreme heat.We lived in Oz for 31 years, it took about 28 years before I preferred the Aussie winter to the summer, so you have plenty of time on your hands.


  2. Hi Heth,

    We got fed up after selling the boat and bought a hotel out on the Orkney Isles. It is supposed to be cold here but if you check the Blog you might be surprised.



  3. Hi Chris & Debbie,

    Sorry, I didn't realise it was you who had “Ubique” I followed your blog, & then it sort of disappeared.

    “The meaning of ubique?” see I even remember it.

    Oh what can I say, we've seen a different life (after living on a boat we still love), & are going for it. Just like you did. And good on ya for making it work for you 🙂

    We're sure of of our decision now & after what we've experienced & seen, nothing will change it. Big decisions in life are never eezy as you must know. I wish you well with your new venture.



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