A Degree of Patience

Patience is a virtue and all that, but I think it’s also a talent. If you can be patient about ALL situations in life that demand it, then you deserve a University Degree.

When you consider it (careful), time is the real issue, and circumstances dictate what “level” of patience is required in any given scenario. For example:

Level 1: Could be waiting for a bus that’s late – in the sunshine.

Level 2: Could be waiting for the same bus – in ice and snow whilst shivering your ass off.

Level 3: There is no bus, it’s broken down – and you have an important appointment to keep. It’s raining and blowing a gale, there’s no bus shelter, your brolly’s blown inside out, you’ve stood in some dog poo, (on a similar note you need a wee), and now you have to wait for a taxi instead…

See what I mean? Could you make it to Level 3 and remain cool (dead cert), sorry, CALM till the taxi arrived???

So what the hell has all this got to do with anything? Well, it goes like this, I can usually manage Levels 1 and 2, (the odd swear word might be expressed out loud), but Level 3 would drive me nuts. Lots of swear words including the old gem about “This could only happen to ME.” (Believe it).

Hence, here I sit being patient and waiting for the new life we’ve promised ourselves to begin to emerge. There’s nothing more we can do at the moment except research. But first, just like the bus that didn’t turn up, delay after delay will inevitably set in… That’s not me being negative, it’s being realistic. In my experience the bigger the deal, the bigger the Degree of Patience is required.

The nearest thing I can liken it to is when we took the huge leap of buying the boat. Just two days after we’d made the decision to go ahead and make it happen, Northern Rock went bust and all the banks toppled. This was Level 333. 

Having not sold the house we couldn’t buy outright, so we needed a mortgage… The timing couldn’t have been more imperfect. Dave went to our financial advisor who requested the forms from the bank. We waited,,, and waited,,, during which time the owner of TT rang up to let us know someone else was seriously interested in buying the boat. Interested enough to be doing exactly the same as we were. So it turned into a very IMPATIENT waiting game with a twist, this was also a race…

It took 3 weeks for the forms to come through, we signed them the same day and after another 3 weeks we’d still heard nothing, not a peep. So there we were, 6 weeks stood at the bus stop of life, waiting to see if the other couple got on the late bus before us. Our whole future teetered around the balance of tardiness.

In a last ditch attempt to get somewhere, Dave went to SEE the Financial Advisor, never mind the telephone calls, it just wasn’t happening. So she rang the bank while he was there. Turned out the mortgage had been approved 2 weeks previous, and the paperwork was found sitting on someone’s desk amidst a backlog of files.

They promised the approved documents would be sent the next day directly to us. {Patience, Patience, with nails chewed down to the quick}. Well it took 2 days of counting every hour, but never mind.

The owner knew we were good for it, and took TT off the market. It was a close call, but nothing worth anything in life is ever eezy.     

Handover happened a couple of weeks later, so basically it was 8 weeks of standing at the bus stop. But it worked out in the end, perseverance, (not patience), paid off. So there’s a thing, is perseverance even more frustrating?

Then all we had to do was sell the house and pay off TT. But that’s a whole other story which also took longer than expected BIG style…

All blogged on here though, but you’d have to go back through the archives of Heth’s history. Do so at your own risk…

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