Went for a sail today

Ha! Round for a dump out and back, oh the excitement it’s all too much. However, it was very satisfying to discover that, after 6 weeks of TT being left sat in snow and ice while we were away in Spain and hot sun. Then add on another 2 weeks since we came back — the engine purred into life, nice and quiet as usual on the first turn of the key.

When we arrived back here in the UK, there were no “niggle” problems either, I forgot to mention that on the blog at the time – probably because there was nothing to report. I mean we’d done all the usual stuff when you leave your boat for a while. Turned everything off, including the water after draining the tank, but being left sat in ice can’t be very nice.

In fact TT faired 100% better than the car, she, I mean IT is about the same age as the boat, and IT (the car) battery went dead for the first time. We had friends here keeping an eye on things (due to the extreme weather) and received a message to let us know. So Chris next door jump started it, then we got another text saying he’d done a “test drive” going at 140mph past a speed camera…

Dave sent one back saying he could prove he was out of the country at the time… (He He).

PS: It’s called “man” humour, I know it well…

Anyway back to our little jaunt today, it always makes me laugh when some boaters post “Travel stats of the day” on their blog as if it’s some kind of status symbol. So here’s some of our own “Travel stats of the day” to be proud of:

Distance covered: Just a bit further than half a mile there and back.

Number of sheep in a field passed: About 23.

Number of ducks passed: About 15, the rest are all on strike.

Number of boats passed: About 200.

Number of boats passed where humans noticed us and waved: 5.

Number of floating wine bottles passed: 1. (I kid ye not, it was upright).

Number of spare gas bottles acquired: 1.

Number of people who let us know that they know our boat is up for sale: 2. It may seem like a paltry sum, BUT they’ve heard it from others…

So, on a different note, it’s the marina pub quiz tonight, we already have our team “The No Hopers Part 2” registered. Yet somehow I feel like we’ll have more questions to answer than just those in the quiz itself. Maybe they’ll be easier…?

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