Well we didn’t come back here expecting this

Oh please Mr Weather God in the sky give us a break??? We thought we’d spent the worst part of winter away from this sh*t, (excuse).

But here we find ourselves back amidst blizzards and snow even towards the end of March. The weather here in the UK just gets worse every year now. Historically, 2008 is the last time weather was acceptable “as norm” since time began.

It’s obvious that over the past 4 years or so, the deterioration is fast. We all have to cope and hope that things will improve, yet an exceptionally cruel December now lasts 4 months. (Rather than just the 3 last year, and 2 the year before). Siberia brings in the goods on a greater scale as time goes on, yet year on year such a difference?

Help, it’s true…

We hoped we’d been out of the country long enough to get away from the worst, but apparently not. It continued while we were away, and appears to have saved up another 6 weeks worth. {Payback for trying to escape?} Thing is, it affects everywhere and everyone, so apologies all round.

Logic tells us it’s not actually got anything to do with Heth and Dave at all, however:

  • Heth and Dave know all about how luck doesn’t work for them.
  • Heth and Dave don’t even believe in luck, you make your own.
  • Which only makes the disaster zone that follows Heth and Dave around much more difficult to believe.

Seriously though no-one in the UK must be acclimatised to it being this cold for so long. With snow, blizzards, bitter storm force winds, flooding where its not snowing, it all seems like a cruel joke.

Us? Well having been in warm sunshine for weeks we’re shivering our asses off if we have to go out. Even the warmth of the boat takes ages to defrost us both afterwards. I suspect standing in front of a furnace wouldn’t knock any time off the “de-shivering process’ at all.

So the “big freeze” as it’s known is now on about the 6th merry-go round since December, hey, it just keeps on coming eh?

No offence to anyone, but boaters who insist on being on the move in such treacherous conditions, (and some do), must be mental…

Right, I’m going to post this now before the power goes off and the Wi-Fi shuts down. There’s a HUGE blizzard blowing in here this afternoon, no escaping it. The whole country is severely affected, it’s causing chaos and set to get worse yet (HOW???). Ah yes, it must be the plague of locusts…

Forget economic crisis, we’re now in weather crisis, (triple dip recession depression). This afternoon is set to be the worst weather for us so far in this area. AND I’VE GOT A DOCTORS APPOINTMENT TO GET TO…

2 thoughts on “Well we didn’t come back here expecting this

  1. Heth, I sympathise, but the odd thing is that it doesn't seem that unusual to me. I mean I've lived in NL now for 12 years. Before that I was in South Africa for 20 years. I got use to being warm, I mean really used to it. But since I've been here, there's been snow in March (and plenty of it) more often than not, so freaky? We are having arctic conditions and it's been snowing on and off all month. I don't know what's normal, but this seems to be to me. I just want to go back to South Africa every December!


  2. Hi Val,

    Wow, that's a big difference, didn't know you'd lived in South Africa!

    While we were in Spain, we spoke to people from Belguim & France who's weather is going the same way as ours year on year. They've had enough too.

    I don't know if anythings changed for the worse in the Netherlands over recent years.

    Ohh, we'd be going back to South Africa for good!



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