Treading Water

The Spanish phrasebook and dictionary story

Well, here it is, as you can see the first page won’t shut properly, which means it’s been rummaged through already.

And notice how our little friend Manuel is stood behind the bar there selling cakes (?)


So after a cake and a drink, nothing new has actually been learnt, except that the word “I” (first person) is “YO,” well there’s a thing:

“Hey YO! Come here and see this” would, in effect mean you were talking to yourself about something you’ve just noticed…

The thing is, WE thought that with us both knowing French it would be easy to learn. I mean at first glance Spanish sounds a lot like it, with every vowel except “U” tagged on the end of each word. Or in some cases on the front. Oh and the letter “S” comes up a lot too. Is simples?

But alas no, it just makes it more dificil – and it’s difficult too…

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