In my many years of life experience gaining wisdom and knowledge, (no tittering please, it’s not allowed). I’ve discovered that every major decision in life is based on pros & cons. Which all boils down to a simple equation:

If there’s too many cons = FORGET IT…

So when you think about it, as a kid it’s all about a choice of relatively piddling stuff. Yet as “grown ups” around 99% of Pro & Con type decisions that present themselves, are due to cold hard CASH at the root of things.

Only after the cost is deemed as realistic can things other than that be weighed up. It then turns into a balancing act of facts and figures. And if it’s something you have to wait for, they’re also subject to change due to “unknowns” that might arise later.

Sometimes Pros & Cons only need to be discussed, either the Pros are overwhelming or the Cons are.

If it’s a close call, good old fashioned pen and paper are required…


When we made our decision (based on pros & cons) to move to Spain, there was no need for pen and paper. Research done, homework done. But because we’re playing the waiting game, other circumstances dictate. It’s been one thing after another since we got back, bridges to cross have appeared out of nowhere. And strangely enough, none of them have anything to do with the boat, selling the boat, Spain, or our plans.

Uh Oh, this is getting too philosophical so I’ll shut up.


Ah well, our “kids” and their “kids” are coming to see us soon, staying for 10 days, so that’s something to look forward to isn’t it…? Yep…

Pro = Put the Cons away for a while…

2 thoughts on “PROS and CONS

  1. Hi Heth, it's Angela (strange quilter!). Long time no speak but wish you well in your new adventure. Keep sending us sunny news! Think we need it xxxxxxxxxA


  2. Hi Angela,

    Not seen you for ages, welcome back honey. Hope you & yours are all ok 😉

    Sunny news, hmm, back here & run out for now!!!! Our 6 weeks away feels like 6 months ago now..

    Hopefully there'll be more news soon.

    Take care, lotsa luv



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