Boring but Interesting

How does that work?

We spent all last night and today doing research about other places to live near Benidorm. Well it has to be done doesn’t it?

The only box that isn’t ticked for us residing in Benidorm is the summer madness. We know that during June, July and August it’s mayhem. Getting out and about might be restricted due to the sheer numbers of holidaymakers (Sigh). It was only a “niggle” at first, but now we’ve had time to think, it’s turned into an issue.

So we’ve revised our plans in the last couple of days and for now that’s the boring bit. (The unknown is daunting). During the process we’ve discovered a lot about “bank repossessed” properties. Reduced prices are unbelievable, and there’s lots to sift through! Spoiled for choice really.

The website we’ve been scrutinising is a well known British site. We thought they only sold properties in the UK. (Our house was on there till we sold it). After sifting through hundreds of properties in our price range, we eventually found one that stood out from the rest. Now that’s the interesting bit.

MASSIVE BIG DEAL TO US: We discovered that the company deals with English speaking solicitors, conveyance and English speaking banks too. It more or less comes as a complicated package made a lot easier and more secure, because it’s understandable! 

However, there are things to consider when buying a repossessed property over there. We’re lucky enough to go for Option 2 out of 3, the banks like that one because there’s no mortgage involved. May even be wiggle room to knock a bit more off the price!  

So Dave emailed them, and we got a reply today. It feels like we’re not in the dark with the language barrier or bureaucracy anymore.

No, we’re not jumping the gun here, it could take months for the boat to sell. But the point is that last minute research after the sail sale isn’t a good idea. Too much room for error, or even risk. Which means we’ve got to look at all options, and learn how the system works NOW!     

Not giving away any details at the moment, it’s too soon…

The biggest complication so far is that Dave’s laptop is stuffed with links, and so is mine. Sifting through what’s crap and what isn’t will be a nightmare. Relatively piddling in the grand scheme but true…

Right well, got to go, Sarah next door arrived back from New Zealand yesterday. So Chris is doing the cooking and bringing a stew thingy round here for all 4 of us tonight. Yes, party’s, meals, drinks, communal gatherings, quilt making, knitting, all end up aboard TT because of the:


2 thoughts on “Boring but Interesting

  1. We lived in a tourist spot in Oz for over 30 years, I quite liked chatting with the holiday makers and helping them out. Traffic was a hassle during the really busy periods so we had a motorbike, easy to get around plus fun!


  2. Well we love the cosmopolitan aspect of Benidorm! We met folks from all over.

    However, it really is chaos in those 3 months & there isn't room to move..

    4 million visitors per year & it's only about 5 square miles in area!

    Winter's nice, much busier than we thought it would be, but it wasn't over-run in any way.

    (Except when the Spanish took over the hotel on weekend breaks). I mean it's their country so how could we complain? It was bizare, they were rude to staff & other people staying in the hotel. We'd end up waiting in queues for meals & breakfast. Everyone else stood in a line & the Spanish visitors would shove in at the front!! One woman pushed me over one day & never looked back to apologise.

    However what really got to us were the queues to actually get in the restaurant. There they all were in family's in front of us, then we'd see other members of the family walking in off the street & joining them at the front. They weren't even guests at the hotel!!

    It got so we dreaded weekends! After I'd been knocked off my feet I went to see the hotel manager to explain. He totally understood & said quote:

    “They're downright rude to everyone, including the staff. I had to walk away the other day when I was dragged into an argument amongst a family because the restaurant was full & they'd have to wait like everyone else. I really thought one guy was going to punch me!”

    So he gave us a free complimentary bottle of wine (37 euros!) And checked how busy weekends would be for the rest of our stay. He really couldn't apologise enough, saying we were the kind of guests they wanted, & the Spanish should behave as we do! Aww. Ha also offered to bring meals up to us in one of the bars!

    It made us wonder how on earth they cope in summer. One of the 2 towers wasn't even in use in winter!! I'm guessing it has it's own main restaurant – has to have!!

    Even that didn't put us off, but it was a stark reminder of what it must be like there in summer.



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