Our Surprise Soldier VIP Guest

Got a surprise phone call “with a difference” this morning from our son the soldier! We message each other all the time, but this was wonderful, he’s going to be aboard TT in but a few hours…!!!


He’s just finished a 6 month tour in Cyprus, and from what I could gather he’s got 3 days here in England, before going back to his base, his lovely wife, and our gorgeous grandson in Germany.

We all thought he’d be flying straight back there. Even came as a surprise to him! He was just about to get on the plane in Cyprus when he phoned up, and said he’d get a hire car while he’s here.

Aside from the details I couldn’t hear due to a crap signal, what I did get clearly was: 

“Is it ok if I come and stay at the boat with you and dad for 3 days mum?”

Me: “Is it ok? Is it ok? It’s {BLEEPING} marvellous!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

(Does he really have to ask?)

4 thoughts on “Our Surprise Soldier VIP Guest

  1. Hi Brian & Diana,

    Yes TT is up for sale, but we can't do sun till we've sold up. Could take ages, we have to be realistic. And our journey (excuse pun) will all be blogged.

    Meantime homework is the key, but laughter & positive stuff is the blog.

    Welcome back 🙂



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