Double Dip Depression

Sod The Recession…

Oh it takes a lot to make me feel depressed, being a jolly soul who sees the lighter side of life, yesterday was a real downer. Fortunately an odd day here and there is as long as downers last. But being as it’s so rare, I’m crap at dealing with it.

Now, me mother always said “If you’re feeling down, do some housework” so I did some boat work today instead. Yesterday was a complete write off, didn’t even get dressed, (disgraceful). Just lolled about in my nighty and dressing gown feeling sorry for myself while my brain tried to process things.

Dip number 1: Coming back here to the UK, and us both realising that it might be best to explore other places around Benidorm. We’ve done that once on foot and bus, and ruled out several options. BUT there’s still a couple of places we didn’t get to.

There’s only one box with a big X for living in Benidorm, it might get TOO crowded for comfort in summer. Dip 1 wasn’t such a downer, because we now had a wider choice.

The Double Dip Number 2 yesterday: After (even more) days of research, we’ve discovered there’s an overwhelming choice of property. Bank repossessions with up to 60% off the price! We found one place that’s absolutely wonderful, but we’ve already been to see a “bargain bucket” out in the sticks. It was just too secluded and miles from shops, this could be the same.

However, we’re not being naïve, our future home has to be in the right place for us and legalities have to be rock solid. Google Maps isn’t very helpful at all, and to be honest neither are the expat forums. We’ve no complaints about that, most people discuss their own experience, which is the norm. They’re only trying to be helpful. But answers doesn’t necessarily match themselves to our situation, and again they’re overwhelming in number. Sometimes too much choice on various aspects isn’t a good thing… Too vague…

Confused Dot Com.

So clean up done and dusted, life is back to normal. Oh how does that work when trying to change it…?

2 thoughts on “Double Dip Depression

  1. Yep, my late mother in law gave the same advice, and put on a bit of lipstick too! A bit of kitchen floor scrubbing, that gets you down to earth, not a gret look in nightwear though!
    Pats. x.


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