Well I haven’t said much about it, but paperwork and documents are now falling into place ready for our move to Spain. Let’s put it this way, we’re teetering on the edge of the first rung of the ladder. 

To be honest we’d both rather be “teetering on the edge” of walking the plank off the boat, and flying off into the sunset for good.

By the time we get to the “plank” stage we’ll still only be half way up that ladder, complicated or what? There’s just so much to do, and we can’t afford to put a foot wrong. (Now there’s a puny pun or two).

Going back through the archives I remember when the boat was ours, but we still had the house hanging round our necks waiting to sell. So we were “part-timers” at first, spending 4 days a week at the boat and 3 at the house. (There was only 10 miles between them so we didn’t have to travel far).

At first we still called the house “HOME” through habit, but in reality it was just a “Show Home” waiting for a buyer. Then after a few months of living a part-time life afloat, Dave came back from doing some odd jobs at “The House” one day, and I unwittingly said “Welcome home honey!”

We both looked at each other in dismay, after 30 years of bricks and mortar being our abode, we realised this boat, “Takey Tezey” was now regarded as our home. It’s just that neither of us had actually said it out loud. From then on it was natural to call the good ship TT “Home.” So basically, in real terms it evolved like this:

Home (bricks & mortar)  >>>

  “The House”  >>>  Home (TT).

After that Dave even changed the “Home” address in the car’s sat nav to the marina address. Now you know it’s serious when that happens! A few months later “The House” sold and we were free to live aboard full time.

We took a big loss on the value of the house, 30 grand in two years, gulp. Never mind, we have very happy memories, bringing up the kids, lots of partying with friends and family. We even held our wedding reception there! {Bit skint at the time}

When the kids left home to pursue their careers, we both got itchy feet, we still loved the place. But there’s no point staying somewhere just for the memories, especially when you want to move on to pastures new. (Memories go with you anywhere). Beyond that, unchartered territory?

We got a few “gobsmacked” comments from folk when we told them our intentions, (only AFTER we’d fallen in love with TT). Two classics were:

a) “Well the grass is always greener eh?”

b) “What are you running away from?”

Answers to both:

a) It’s a carefully thought out lifestyle choice, got nothing to do with weed grass the green stuff.

b) We’re not running away from anything, we’re ambling TOWARDS something new.

{End of… And it worked for us}

Note: After a while the doubters were convinced, one visit aboard TT helped a lot. Not that we were bothered either way…!


However, our next leap in life is different, very different. I’m not talking about the logistics of moving to another country here, it’s all about reasons. Main one being the weather and climate change here in the UK…

We’ll always love TT, her charm will never fade, not like the house did. It’s just not possible. Simply because as far as the boat’s concerned nothing’s changed, she’s still a star to us. Come to think of it, she’s even got a star painted on both sides of her. Aw bless, if they had canals in Spain…

So back to the heading of this post, our home may not be Spain yet, and realistically, probably won’t be for a long time if we’re going to do this right. But we’re both Homesick for the warm weather, even without a property there yet…

2 thoughts on “Homesick

  1. Home is where the heart is. Neither country nor bricks'n'mortar will house a traveller's dream forever. If you'd gone for a walk with us, today, there was a signal of Spring, a pleasant 18.5C. The willow is showing its first opening leaves and the Cut is calling.
    Live the moment, fate will have its time. XO


  2. It was a pleasant 30 degrees C in the lux con! No wind either. Yeh, after what's happened in our lives we always live for the moment.

    But “you've only got one life so make the most of it” also comes into the equation at this particular moment! So in the grand scheme of things, we're stuck in limbo. It's not a problem – just frustrating at times.

    Doesn't mean we're miserable buggers as you know! Still make the most of things, always have, always will.

    I like the “fate will have it's time” quote 🙂

    Omg, we're getting far too philosophical!! xx


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