Passport Control

Or lack of… What a farce.

Yesterday we went to get a Passport renewal form for me. (Yes my 10 years is almost up). So we tootled off to the village post office and were told:

“We don’t do them at sub post offices anymore. You’ll have to go to the main post office at Burton.”

After researching where the dam thing was (online). Off we went to the MAIN post office, waited patiently in a queue, got to the desk and:

“We don’t do them anymore, you’ll have to go to ASDA.”

ASDA??? What, you mean the supermarket ASDA???

Reply: “Yes.”

I mean, (understandably), I thought the guy was taking the piss. Since when has a supermarket been the only place to get a passport renewal form, within a 6 mile radius of human life???   

(Yet another totally bizarre situation Heth finds herself in then).

Or was this some new acronym, for yet another “waste of time & money” Government initiative that doesn’t work? In an effort to save the “average UK pleb” from spending money abroad, the ASDA department has been set up. Otherwise known as::

Attempt (to) Stop Destinations Abroad.

So basically, this post isn’t about HOW to do a passport renewal at all, it’s about how to get round the system and FIND the flipping forms. It might well have turned into a helpful confusing guide if we hadn’t had to fart about so much.

Sod any weird and wonderful failed attempts from David CaMORON & Co to restrict movement and keep a collapsed economy partially alive.

I filled in the forms and sent them off today. Might even get some Frequent Flyer miles in the near future, with all the buzzing about we’re planning to do…

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