It’s all about how you say it

Well we’ve been back from Spain for about seven weeks now, and today is the first day that resembles anything like the winter weather over there. It’s really quite warm, has to be, Dave’s out front fishing off the bow without his thermals on…

Meantime I’m sat out back in the lux con here where it’s 35 degrees, it always magnifies the warmth of the sun. So even when the elements are cold outside, (99% of the time), if the sun’s out, we’re up at double the temperature in here. And the wind (also present 99% of the time) can’t get in. Even got one of the sides up at the moment so as it can – now there’s a thing…

Hmm, I’ve just been reading through my “Learn Spanish” Book, checking out tips on how different letters are pronounced. (Still stuck on page 6). You’re not going to believe this but:

The letter H is silent, that’s the same H as letter’s 1 & 4 in the name HETH…

Firstly, HETH herself is anything BUT silent, {as you may have already gathered} But silenced TWICE??? Give me a break. 

Secondly, without any H’s in the equation, it works out that I’ll be known as:


[Well I might “phone home” from time to time, but I won’t be going back for good]

Good grief, hope I don’t turn into a shrivelled prune either…

Now then, just to make things even more complicated, the letter E can sound like E or AY. It doesn’t mention any variation of the letter T because basically there isn’t one. Which means I could also be known as:


TLA for “anything” or “anytime” in our language? (Oh missus).

Uh oh, I’ve just discovered yet another; TH as in THE also has several variations as to how it’s spoken, one of them being Z. Which means I could even be known as:


Warning to the world: There might soon be 4 of me… 

Ok that’s enough code for one post,, Postcode? Postcard? I’ll send you one later called “Sounds of the Spanish alphabet.” Now there’s a (silent) laugh.

Adios Amigo xxx.

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