Five days worth of Family Fun Foto’s just for you

Neil, Tereza and Jake arrived here early on BIG DAY Thursday. So while Dave, son, and grandson did some fishing off the bow. Me and Tereza had a good old “catch up and natter” on the stern in the lux con…

Guess who caught the most fish? Our grandson Jake… Neil came in a close second, and Dave “the expert fisherman” caught Nada, Nothing, Zilch…


Present opening time when Liam, Maddy and Ryan arrived later on. They’d come all the way from Germany, on the ferry, and up the motorway in his fancy black Mazda 3 supercar. (Bloody hell it’s posh – even has a coffee machine in the dash). So once parked up safely on the marina, it’s {HUGS} from everyone – to everyone. And:

Christmas time again aboard TT…!


Maddy speaks perfect English, so by that time it was THREE women doing the “catch up natter” thingy, menfolk beware…

Ryan and Maddy, doing a “cool dude” sunglasses VS ordinary glasses swip swap…


Out on the tiles for a meal, the best child friendly pub in Willington, the “Cherry Tree.”


By gum, this is just too easy for a two year old who speaks both German and English…


As you can see, there’s a vast range of video games to keep the adults kids amused. Neil (left) and Liam (right). Be hard work to tell the difference between them, except for Neil’s Number 1 hairdo…


God knows who was winning. But it’s seriously not serious stuff, even if the macho thing comes into it…


Ryan and mum 10 pin bowling, with me doing commentary, film production, and lots of loud Woo Hee’s, yeh…!


Jake joins in and it’s a STRIKE!!!


Liam teaching Ryan how to cheat at FIFA how to play FIFA by the rules. Checkout the concentration factor…


Two little rascals wrecking our luxury leather settee,, so what…?!


An afternoon out at the marina nature reserve, and a Towpath Talk Walk after…


Enough after’s sir?


Ah well, we’re off to the “Whacky Warehouse” in Cheshire tomorrow, then going for a farewell meal together with Liam, Maddy and Ryan. {Big sigh of sorrow after the latter bit, well all of it} Means I’ll have to get under the bed and do another “re-sift” if there is such a thing, just to sort me head out…

Unfortunately, Neil, Tereza, and Jake had to go back home on Sunday, work commitments prevail. But we all had a great time, we’re so proud of them all…

So Tatty Bye dear reader, see you in the plastic surgery ball pool thingy tomorrow…

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