Whacky Warehouse Day

So off we went last Thursday to the “Whacky Warehouse” in Cheshire with Liam, Maddy & Ryan. Hmm, not quite as big as we thought it would be, (well outside anyway). Hey, but the name sort of befits us all somewhat.

And the real BIG deal was: Aside from today it was the hottest day of the year. So we wanted to stay out in the sun, even though all the “fun kiddie stuff” was inside. [As previously stated somewhere, I was really looking forward to diving into plastic balls] Maddy took Ryan in there for a while, but I don’t think he was much impressed, he was happy to be outside. Turns out there where no plastic balls to dive into either…

The place was also attached to a pub, so that came in useful, well for the two of us adults who weren’t driving it might have, but diet coke was all we could manage. Yes really. Oh go on then, one glass of wine with the meal later on. 

Just think though, if we get one day a week hotter than the “one hot day last week” for a few months. We might be able to stitch them all together, and make a patchwork summer quilt ready for winter.


The play park outside with Ryan and Maddy sat on top, oh no, they’re too far away so…  


“Hello grandma”


“Crash,” one of his favourite words …


Thomas and Ryan, with Dave and Liam queuing up patiently waiting their turn…


Later on we went for a walk round the little village, don’t know what it was called, but there was a nice river running through it.

Afterwards we went back to “Whacky Land” and sat in the beer garden round the back of the pub next door. There was loads of room for Dave Liam Ryan to run about in, and we had a lovely meal. Sat OUTSIDE!

Me looking at you looking at me…


Just how totally cute is that?!

Ah well, it was yet another fantastic day. I gave Liam the last of his Brit stuff from “under the bed” and “inside the cupboard” that we´d stored for him. Then immediately broke into tears before saying “Farewell.” We all did, {along with GIANT hugs and kisses}


On the way back to TT:

Spot the hot air balloon, when I pressed “click” it was still above the trees…


But Dave overtook one of these just at the crucial moment…


Or perhaps it was just duff timing because of the tears in my eyes!

On a less sombre note, we’ll be going over to Germany to stay with them in August…

Oh dear, it’s not often I finish a blog post on a “downer” is it? I’ll have to go and find yet another cupboard to rummage through. Or even the wardrobe, now there’s a challenge on a Bank Holiday!

No, sod it, I’m going to sit out front with Dave, (it’s still 30 degrees here in the lux con, but I’m getting bored with the view). He’s fishing off the bow at the moment, so I might give his fishing tackle box a good clear out.

Just imagine the scene for a moment:

He’s sat there in total peace & tranquillity.

I’m sat there firing questions the likes of:

  • What’s this thing called?
  • What does it do?
  • Do you still need it?

Good grief, if I tried to “tackle” that lot, I’d still be at it when we’re iced in again…

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