The Big Bee

While I was writing yesterday’s blog post I heard a loud buzzing sound coming towards me, (from behind). Thought it might be the couple of loonies, who zoom around the marina in a “dingy thingy” with an outboard motor strapped to it. They might’ve lost control? Well it’s only a matter of time. I mean if they’ve got a canal boat on here why don’t they go out on that? If they haven’t, (excuse language), what the bloody hell are they doing here in the first place?

They seem to have no regard for their own safety or anyone else’s and “drive” it like a pale imitation of a speedboat. Someone gave them a right old telling off yesterday. There’s a fair few 90 degree turns required on this marina, so a “proper boat” coming towards them might easily go un-noticed. Especially when they have a talent for arsing about and cutting corners.

If that was a little rant, it’s over and outboard out //     

Turns out the real buzz was a BUMBLE BEE, yes their numbers might be in decline, but this was a “super sized” bee. Only the second one we’ve seen this year, he graced me with his magnificent presence in the lux con and even traced himself right down my arm. Not the best of ideas to try and touch one, but they’re lovely and fluffy…

I’m not frightened of bees, even though I once got stung by one. As but a little nipper, when mum said “Don’t go near it” curiosity took over, and ZAP on my knee. It was my birthday party too! All part of the under five year old learning curve I suppose. If mother says the word “DON’T” one does… Blimey I was even a rebel then…    

As an adult, (ha, to that). All you have to do is stay still and they won’t deliberately seek you out like Apache helicopters wasps do.

Poor thing, Mr Bee then flew inside the boat trying to get out of a window. He allowed me to take a couple of photos, then I noticed pollen falling off him. So I got a glass, a piece of paper and let him out of the side hatch, free again, that was my good deed of the day. Yes, it feels good to save a bee, you get a real buzz out of it…

Here he is posing for an amateur macro shot:

“OK I’ll do this provided you get me out of the vicinity ASAP”



Then with a bit of help to do so, he buzzed “Thank You,” and off he went on his merry way.


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