The Grebe Gig

I’ve got a Gripe with modern cameras… In the olden days we used to have a thing called a lens. The kind you could look through and observe everything on offer…

Nowadays it’s all about LED screens and “Capture Mode,” which  fail miserably when the sun’s out. {You know, the odd day here in UK airspace, whereby you want to take a photo with blue sky included} But instead of seeing what you’re trying to “capture” you end up with a black screen to look at. Prop your glasses on or off, it makes no difference whatsoever.

Oh the irony of it all. The sun’s bright and everything in sight is lit up like Blackpool illuminations, but you’re left guessing in the dark.

Even “Heth the Tech Nerd” here can’t get her head round why, in this day and age, someone hasn’t invented a darn “sun filter?” Clingfilm perhaps?

It’s not even confined to camera’s, Smart Phone’s do it too, well mine does because it’s a Thick Phone Smart Phone. Perhaps I could go on Dragon’s Den with a pack of Tesco’s finest, and stun the world with sun that works.

Please don’t ask me to buy another camera, the professional jobby in the cupboard doesn’t fit in me handbag. On second thoughts all my personal gubbins could perhaps fit in it’s own handbag. On third thoughts it takes so long to get out out of it’s own handbag, we don’t bother using the darn thing.

So for anyone in the world who’s interested in blank black canvas Grebe photos. Here’s the outcome with said black screen, it’s just a guess, Dave took these not me. My handbag bears no responsibility:

Mr & Mrs…


“You’re fishing? Fishing? Throw us some maggoty maggots dude…?”


The master fisherman did, but not for them. However, they don’t care if they have “here for fish” written on them…


Heard of “point & shoot?” Ain’t that eezy when you’re guessing where P&S is supposed to be, whilst stuck in the equivalent of an eclipse…

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