Treading Water

Taylor Made

Do you ever find that the weather matches your mood? Take today as a dour, (nay, classic) example.

It takes a lot to drag me “down” and there’s been a lot of that in the past few hours, made up of one BIG thing and lots of little things to compliment it. The good news is that my mind has been put at rest concerning the BIG thing. The little things don’t matter, (water off a ducks back), so come on weather catch up. Oops, that’s a lost cause. After two days of summer (hey, that WAS summer) it’s like the middle of effin’ winter again.

Makes me laugh how some of our friends and family keep telling us “the weather is set to be nice for the next few days.” Well:

a) They’ve been brainwashed by the weather forecasters on TV into believing that 10 degrees is summer. It’s turned into a reluctant mind-set thing for some folks in the UK now. Any crap weather that’s a bit less crap than “bitter” on the forecast is dressed up as being positively tropical, and they fall for it.  

b) The others have adjusted (or not) and accept it as norm, while some sit on the fence in the wind and rain not knowing which way to go.

c) According to the “climate scientists” who’ve been correct so far. Spain is going to hot up during the next 10 years and beyond our lifetime run out of water, bring it on. They’ll have found a water solution by then. Simply empty all the swimming pools and we’ll be set for life. Sorted.

We also have a few friends with properties in Spain, they know the score. So does the met office, and after what we’ve been through in the past three years over here, believe it…

If proof were needed, the “climate experts” got it right. Which 99% sure includes everywhere else in the world, with varying “degrees” of happiness or not. We just got it confirmed in this “neck of the woods” first. To make that a bit clearer, (amidst the UK murk). For my friends abroad, outside of this flooded (not) pleasant land:

Yes, the climate in general is warming up, BUT (and this is where we all fell over at first), the UK is a relatively small place, surrounded by water, lots of the stuff. Heat makes water rise, and then dumps it upon us on a regular basis. Sadly the rain doesn’t carry any warmth at all, just wind. {Parp} It also farts all over northern France and Belgium, with many thanks to Siberia spreading the love and joining in the mix.

Reality check, we’re currently being bombarded with hailstone’s in May. Yep, still going on, just like me…


Good luck,

Kind Regards, Heth xx

PS: Jeez the sun is shining now…!!!

2 thoughts on “Taylor Made

  1. Sounds like your mood is a bit like mine today. Finally had my op so that's good but feeling bluddy depressed and not sure why since ?! However, I think it IS to do with this weather. I'm so fed up of it raining and then being red hot for 2 or 3 days and then it being rain, wind and cold again.

    Also effed off with all the news channels and daily mail website going on when we do have a bit of nice weather that it broke 'this record' or 'that record'….hottest day of may since 1942…. Hottest may in record. Worst April on record – ugh!! Rant over – can I move away with you?! Sod the boat!


  2. Oh it's good to see you've not lost your sense of humour! Been wondering where you'd got to, no blog posts for a few days. I hope you're feeling a bit better now. Missing your great style of writing! 🙂



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