Treading Water

Somewhere over the Pylon

Way up high…

So Bang goes the theory that there’s a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow…


As you can see I discovered in reality it’s just a tree shaped metal pylon. Still metal I suppose, but not of the precious kind. Sorry to dispel any illusions {GROAN} if you believed otherwise.

Strangely enough this rainbow appeared two nights running in exactly the same place, just as the sun went down under the clouds. (It’s the only time of day we get a glimpse of it). Although to be fair, there is a small window of blue on the left amidst the prominent black in this photo.

Bet you’re fed up with me prattling on about the crap weather, hey I’m fed up with me prattling on about crap weather. I’ll shut up so as not to cloud up clog up the thought process. What thought process?

Ah yes, I’ve got a memory problem, been aware of it for some years now. But this week has been a trial with tribulations when it comes to forgetting stuff. It’s made me wonder if there’s a switch somewhere that’s shorted out…

Most recent example:

I forgot a dentist appointment. Fortunately there’s no fine for doing so round these here parts. There was when we lived in Lancashire though; “Right, spit 10 quid in the cup, or get stuffed and go somewhere else.”  No kidding, they had several signs on several walls IN BIG LETTERS saying so. Tight gits. {Oh, and their dental hygienist was brutal} must’ve made a fortune out of people putting that off.

Patient: “I’m so sorry, a car had an argument with mine on the way here, and the perp is not insured.”

Receptionist: “Cough up the 10 quid or else…”

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