Stalked by a coot

Yes, there’s a coot round here that’s taken a real shine to Dave.

Mr Coot made his presence known when Dave started fishing again. At first Mr Coot used to sit on the side lines out of the way. I think he’s both fascinated and puzzled by the fact that any potentially yummy food Dave throws in, immediately sinks. So he waits it out for hours on end hoping for the best. Which means:

a) Mr Coot sits watching Mr Dave.

b) Mr Dave sits watching his fishing float.

c) The fishing float sits watching the fish.

d) The clever fish watch out for a maggot with a line attached to it, and swim away out of sight.

It also means that after all this time of spying on Dave. Mr Coot can now recognise him. So if he walks down the jetty, for example to fill up with water, Mr Coot appears from nowhere. He’s even followed Dave up the pier and scooted across the water towards him down an empty berth.

Here he is on the right zooming in on Dave whilst he’s setting out his fishing stall this aft, check out that bow wave…


He’s getting much braver now, no more waiting in the wings, excuse puny pun…



After taking these photos. I walked back down the side of the boat towards the lux con, and 57 foot later innocently shouted:

“Let me know if it comes near you while you’ve got your rod out, and I’ll take a photo.”

Uh Oh. How’s that for an unintentional (yet classic) double meaning? Sounds like something out of a Carry On film. Just hope no-one else was listening!

{MASSIVE Cringe}

Imagine Alfred and Betty (over the other side of the marina), they’re sat outside on the bow of their boat, having a quiet Sunday afternoon drink.

Betty: “Did you hear that Alfred? It’s her off Takey Tezey prattling on about her husband’s rod again.”

Alfred: “Yes I did dear, best laugh I’ve had in ages.”

[Takes her slipper off and whacks him over his rod over his arm with it]

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