Time flies when its not supposed to?

It’s strange really, the old saying:

“Time flies when you’re having fun.”

Does indeed work that way doesn’t it?

As far as plans for our future life in Spain go, nothing’s happening yet, and all sorts of things are “getting in the way” HERE. It would be easy to become impatient, which would only lead to frustration. Halt that there…

I think its probably living on the boat that helps, you know, the “laid back” lifestyle. I can imagine that if we were still living in our ex house, it would drive us nuts. We still love TT, so it isn’t difficult to just carry on as normal.

Against all odds time is still flying by, even though it’s like being in a bubble waiting to go POP…

Talking of flying, whatever’s happening or not. We’re going over to Germany to stay with our soldier Liam, Maddy and little Ryan for a couple of weeks in August while he’s on leave.

We’ve shelved our plan to go back to Spain in June, and leaving that till October. If we’re still here next winter, we’ll be over in Spain for about three months. Neither of us can do another winter in the UK!

There’s another old saying:

“Live for today, tomorrow may never come.”

I gather “tomorrow may never come” means you’ve snuffed it. But that’s just too depressing. Because if that’s the case, in rational terms, worrying wouldn’t be an issue would it?

So {re-writing the history books of famous quotes} it should be:

“Live for today, tomorrow will sort itself out if you’re still here.”

There, now that’s better…

3 thoughts on “Time flies when its not supposed to?

  1. Time fly's when you're having fun, is the first line of my favourite Gloria Estefan song.

    Time fly's like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana. My favourite saying attributed to Groucho Marx.

    Time for a lay down…

    Thas me.. 😉


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