Remember the coot that was stalking Dave?

Now we know why. While mother coot was sat on her nest across the way. He was out and about sourcing a “human softy” nearby, someone who’d feed the imminent new arrivals. It’s called:

“Getting yourself noticed and weighing up the odds.”

Yesterday, we heard a right old racket going on behind us, we had a visitor. Mr Coot was tapping on the stern of the boat while flapping his wings about in the water. He must’ve known Dave was sat out back in the lux con (never mind me).

So he went out and as soon as Mr Coot saw him, he started doing the noise they make. [I can’t spell it, but it resembles a fire alarm when the battery’s running low] We thought he was on his own at first till the “chicks a cheeping” and mum appeared out of nowhere.

Hence the TWO softy humans went outside and gave them a feast…  






Follow my leader, back to bed for a little siesta…


It’s so “coot cute” watching the parents feed the babies before themselves.

The strange dappled effect on the water is reflection from the sun, thought I’d best capture that too – for posterity reasons…

2 thoughts on “Remember the coot that was stalking Dave?

  1. Hi Pip,

    Yes, it's when those multi-coloured spiky “feathers” appear They sort of lose the “ahh” reaction don't they?!

    But they're still little tinkers to watch. Bless 'em

    H xx


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