I need a bridge to go and scream under

Well there’s plenty to choose from round here I suppose…

Just think, we could sail serenely along the canal to the nearest appropriate bridge. The boat glides gracefully through the water, trees and fields either side of us show off their greenery. There’s general peace and tranquillity all around, the sun shines down on the righteous, (no comment) and we feel the love.

I’d give Dave chance to moor up and go inside for some earplugs first.

Then I could let rip and SHATTER THE PEACE GOOD STYLE.

Having thought about it, I even know which bridge would be best for a good old SCREAM, it’s not the one in the village… This would have to be a private bridge for a private SCREAM if there is such a thing.

“Under bridge screaming” isn’t something I feel the need to do on a regular basis, or even at all. The nearest it gets to that (while actually under a bridge) is the silly:

ECHO-O-O, ECHO-O-O, thing.

Or: “Ugh look at them there stalactites”

There’s even one bridge I know of that has a mouldy fungus garden growing under it, just waiting to mess up your hairdo.

Yes, there’s always something interesting to look at under a bridge, even if it’s just a case of checking out the rivets on one that a train goes over. I mean if they’re nicely painted with no visible rust, then there’s not much chance of a train landing on your boat when you’re unprepared for it.

Thing is, I can’t talk about what makes me want to scream on here. Right now, the list would be longer than a blog post could take. Let’s put it this way, it’s all about several BIG things all coming together at once. Several little things can tie themselves into one big thing, that´s just like water off a ducks back to me.

I won’t use the word “US” that’s affected, because it’s me that all the BIG sh*t’s happening to, not Dave. In that sense I’m glad it isn’t an US thing, (take the shit, don’t spread the shit). He’s my rock. No doubt events will unfold on the blog, but only after they’re sorted.

As my Soulmate, maybe Dave would like to join me under the bridge, I’ll have to ask him. Just think, we could scream in harmony and put it on You Tube.

I honestly didn’t realise I could do a blog post that made any sense today, must be choosing a bridge that did it…

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